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The term Condition-Monitoring (monitoring condition) refers to the regular collection of analysis and monitoring of machine status. Improving safety and increasing efficiency is the goal. It consists of the following steps:

  • Register conditions
  • State comparison and evaluation
  • Diagnostic
The condition monitoring system of autinity systems Ltd directly aims at independency of location of plants and machines which are to be monitored. world map →

Process Monitoring

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make youre own opinion with our sample video. You can find allot of usefull informations, which should help you to improve youre output or to observe youre plants. video →

Our Products

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In addition to enhancing our present systems, autinity systems GmbH always concentrates in developing new products.
At the moment a PPS (Production Planning System) emerges, which focuses on the actual data of the production, which provides the basis to plan and permanently monitor the production flow.

With using existing connections (LAN, WAN, GPS), we provide the possibility, to have process values being available and ready for further processing at any time and at any location. As a result, you will be able to make accurate decisions as well as to initiate necessary action. Products →