The autinityMaster represents the head of the condition monitoring system of autinity systems Ltd. The autinityMaster runs on a central server and permanently receives data and objectives from autinityAgents located worldwide. The normal case is that autinityMaster is a passive working component.
If a technician requests an immediate (unscheduled) dial-up to a plant the autinityMaster is able to respond to the accordant autinityAgent and to establish a connection.

data base

The pool of data represents the database. It is possible to use almost any SQL-database at your option. As en example MySQL could be used.

The access to the database is carried out through the web server or through the master-modules of autinity systems Ltd. As a matter of course you will get the main access, because it is your data being monitored within the process.

The backup of your data can take place separately or may be directly embedded to your workaday routine.
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The structure of the autinity Master is based upon the following demands:
  • central control unit (web server)
  • medium-term to long-term data management (database)
  • permanent availability (server operating system)
  • easy, hardware independent maintenance (virtualization)
  • unauthorized access safety (VPN-server)
  • security for your network (positioning within your DMZ)


Along with the possibilities of our CMS it is also of importance to set the main focus of attention on the security.

We differentiate between an automated monitoring of an industrial plant and remote maintenance. In contrast to remote maintenance it is possible that the automated monitoring is based on a static structure, i. e. the requirements are known. With a service technician who is to be going global this is not compulsory.
A service technician who is able to have access to a plant with his laptop from any location worldwide is not considered to be static. It is certain that his laptop is not equipped with the latest firewall or even that the firewall is switched on. As a result of that we distinguish between CMS and remote maintenance.

If remote maintenance or external access is favored additional SSH or VPN connections with further protection (TAN, iTAN) can be used to ensure security at the highest stage.


The ongoing process of data interchange between the autinityAgent and autinityMaster is considered to be static, because the conditions on location (autinityLogger, firewall, router) are known.

The autinityAgents does not require a fixed IP address. In each case the current IP address is sent to the autinityMaster. For the purpose of data interchange the connecting can be carried out via VPN. In this case your are able to call upon all security features of VPN.

operating system

The modules of the autinityMaster are platform independent. That way you can assimilate the CMS control center to the server OS. We recommend to use Linux OS as standard. The CMS is designed to operate steadily. In addition we certainly offer maintenance contracts to ensure that the CMS control center and all autinityAgents are always available and up-to-date.

Linux Windows MAC OSX IPhone OS