Data Sources

allows you to monitor the entire plant or selected parts of the machine. By using different sensors, is monitoring. Any malfunction or maintenance work is announced by altered states. For example, the monitoring of vibrations and temperatures, it is a sensitive task. The probability of wear is very high when the vibrations exceed a defined area. To ensure an expressive condition monitoring it is certainly essential to record various parameters and to connect them. As a case in point, it is important to know on which load a machine is running. Vibration values of an idling machine are to be interpreted unlike machines under load.
Therefore it is necessary to merge values of various sensors and controls.
As a matter of course it is also desirable to compare values of various machines and to consider surrounding conditions at the same time. By means of comparing similar types of machines, knowledge concerning the lifespan and running period of a machine or single parts can be acquired.


The autinityPLC represents the software part of the autinityAgent. In association with our CMS, several communicative functions have been upgraded to the well-known Linux-OPC. AutinityPLC now queries process values from any number of plants and sensors. These values are cached in a small database on the autinityAgent. As soon as a connection is established (or time-controlled established) autinityPLC broadcasts the data recorded to the control center. Whenever troubles with values are defined within the system and such an event occurs, an immediate connection to the control center will be established.

An additional upgrade has been added. Now, recorded data can be displayed directly on locating sides in the form of diagrams. As a result values are visualized within few milliseconds and a cross section of these values can be transmitted to the CMS second by second.

the autinityAgent

The autinityAgent represents the plant module of autinity systems Ltd. It consists of the autinityPLC (software) and the autinityLogger (hardware). The task of the autinityLogger is to query various data sources consistently as well as being permanently connected to the CMS-control center respectively to establish a connection specifically on demand. The software is available for Linux as well as for Windows versions according to your or your customer's demand. Communication can be carried out via analog, ISDN, radio, network or DSL. The autinityAgent only communicates with its control center if desired and as a matter of course via VPN as well. In this case the control center contains the VPN server.


The autinityLogger represents the hardware of the autinityAgent. The harware is available in various types. As a matter of course autinityPLC can also be installed on your hardware. The autinityLogger enables us to add various communication modules (modem, ISDN). Our autinityLogger+ represents a special type. It is equipped with two network interface cards in order to have the network of the plant and the network of the customer separated. Therefore it is possible to forbid, to restrict or to control direct access to the plants if required.
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