condition assessment

The indicators were in the past the big problem. Meanwhile, the two sensors are sufficient (vibration, temperature, speed, pressure, etc.) and standardized means of communication available, so the conditions of supervision.

Through the acquisition of process values, the resulting values can now be put into relation. Finaly, the desired objectives are achieved.


The diagnosis is required, of course, continue with the experienced technician.
But with a business evaluation form, the data collected can be presented so that even the client can understand these evaluations.
Of course, this variety of forms (tables, spectra, animated graphics, tables, etc.) are used.

The centralization of the data collected and thoroughly studied the management of rights, you have the option to meet their technicians and their customers to comply with a system.


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Machine monitoring

Condition monitoring is divided into the areas of process and machine control. The focus of the monitoring process is to observe the quality of the machining process (eg monitoring tool). When the machine is the machine control and protection at the core of the views. There are in both directions to use similar means so that each can be monitored by the customer.

monitoring interval

Monitoring the state of the machine can take place on a permanent or alternate. For short-duration activities can react quickly in the permanent form. In this case, for example, you can set lower limits, and work with a part wear work for the time. This production is recommended for alternatives or worn parts in stock. In intermittent surveillance, is a priority in the maintenance period of the conservation status. Preventive measures may, therefore, plan parties that are not necessarily its limits. Lower cost of measuring instruments, is clearly the advantage of alternative monitoring.

State comparison

The aim of the Condition-monitoring is to control of one or more plants, if possible. The comparison of similar systems is as interesting as the entrance and output parameters (for example, linked networks). For this to be achieved, the measured data must converge to a possible central point. At this point, can now run even automated evaluation procedures and such Messages can ausgeben. This may be extended to emergency shutdowns.