Humen to Machine Interface

Online Access

The first picture illustrates the machine-screen. Every machine is listed and displays its current data (IP address, status, etc.) Certainly, comfortable filter functions are embedded. With one single mouse click you can easily have access to a machine or copy the IP address to your programming software. The second picture illustrates a possible browser-based visualization which receives consistently current data and can be designed individually. The visualization is full-fledged i. e. it is possible to operate a machine directly. To ensure your security a complete lock-down can be initiated in cases of unauthorized accesses. click to enlarge the image
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12 The CMS provides all possibilities to create any number of measuring points. A measuring point is an arrangement of various variables. Afterwards, the addresses of single variables can be adjusted machine-specifically and every measuring point receives an entry in the navigation. Variables being arranged within the measuring point are automatically displayed and are updated consistently.
Afterwards, all measuring points can be compared with each other. They represent the common denominator of plants worldwide.

The module is especially designed that no manuel entries are required on location.
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Diagrams (Spectra)

One possibility to display interpretations are line graphs, whereupon any number of various variables can be interpreted. Every variable receives its own y-axis to ensure an uncomplex way of analyzing. All line graphs are updated automatically in order to monitor the condition permanently in real-time. For reasons of better comparison the cursor turns into cross hairs and all values of variables being displayed can be compared at once. Of course it is possible to choose the period under consideration using the zoom in function and / or using the interval configuration function. The combination to offline measurements can be carried out precisely on time. As a result additional diagrams can be displayed. click to enlarge the image
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